The children devised their own play Lazy Boy, the Lost Bride and the Robbers with the help of Aimee Berwick (freelance drama worker) and our volunteers. Some images from the rehearsals.


The play was performed in front of an audience of family and friends.

Feedback from kids:

It went really good

It made me feel more confident

H aged 9



I liked how it was fake scared

I liked peeking from back stage

Aimee was really fun and kind

I liked everything

It was really fun to be here, I might see you soon

Ben aged 8

I liked the wedding because I looked nice in the dress

I liked every part

Colleen aged 8

It was brilliant

I liked dressing up

Enjoyed it a lot

Gavan aged 9


Megan Glover
Harj Bhela
Iris Cross
Garry Hill
Nashang Thebe
Amunvir Bhela